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M.X.Cuisine Creamy White Sauce
Toddy Palm's Seed Sliced in Syrup (Aroy-D)
M. X. Cuisine Fresh Shrimp w/Potato Roll
Chilli Boneless Chicken Claw
Chicken Leg Meat w/ Pandang Leaf
Asianchef BBQ Sate - Mutton
Asianchef BBQ Sate - Beef Roll
Asianchef BBQ Sate - Pork Roll
Golden Bird Nest 2"
Raw Breaded Butterfly (21g / pc)
Golden Bird Nest 3.5"
Shrimp Meat w/ Sugar Cane
Longan in Syrup (Cock)
Baba's Burma Curry Powder
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Image 1:
Product Number: AVNFD0056
Product Name: M. X. Cuisine Crab and Shrimp
Chinese Name: 萬勝廚蝦兵蟹蓋
Packaging: 30g x 32pc x 12box / ctn.