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 Product Name# 
Paprika Chorizo Sausage
M.X.Cuisine Garlic & Mushroom sauce
Rainbow Layer Cake
Fried Rice (Shattered in Pcs)
Thai Rice Flour
Small Sago
Thai White Sticky Rice Powder
Pearl Mermaid agar Agar Powder
Thai Pickled Lemon
M. X. Cuisine Noodle Apperizer
M. X. Cuisine Shrimp Toast
M. X. Cuisine Stick Spring Roll
M. X. Cuisine Pre-Fried Vietnam Vegetable Spring Roll
M. X. Cuisine Fresh Shrimp w/Potato Roll
Sesame Layer Cake
Chilli Boneless Chicken Claw
Chicken Leg Meat w/ Pandang Leaf
Asianchef BBQ Sate - Mutton
Asianchef BBQ Sate - Beef Roll
Asianchef BBQ Sate - Pork Roll
Sate - Beef Meat w/ Sauce (Cooked)
Golden Bird Nest 2"
Raw Breaded Butterfly (21g / pc)
Golden Bird Nest 3.5"
Shrimp Meat w/ Sugar Cane
Asianchef BBQ Sate - Chicken Leg Meat
Fresh Frozen Crab FAt

  M. X. Cuisine Snack (25)
  M. X. Cuisine Sauce & Paste (16)
  M.X.Cuisine Soup (4)
  M.X.Cuisine Coconut Cream (1)
  Asianchef Asia Sauce & Paste (24)
  Portugal Products (23)
  Snack & Dim Sum (55)
  Dessert (8)
  Asian Curry (28)
  Asian Sauce (44)
  Canned Food (21)
  Grocery (34)
  Dry Herb (36)
  Air Fresh Food (39)
  Beverage (24)

 Oriental Foods Expert was established in 1986. We provide wide range of Asia food in Hong Kong and China market. Most of the quality products come from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. We built our own delivery team with refrigerated facilities to deliver our products to our customers in best condition. We provide tailor made Asia sauce, snack and dessert according to customer's request and already gain their confidence.

At present, our corporate clients base include airline caterers, cruise liners, hotels, restaurant, fast food chain outlets and food business groups.

We will upgrade the quality of our service and products continuously, promote asia food culture in Hong Kong and China in the future.